Torture Garden Italy is a yearly fetish event in Italy.
The twelfth edition of the TG Italy is a Torture Garden Full Scale Event powered by Ritual the Club which will unravel all the different sides of Torture Garden, the world largest and most innovative fetish party!
The date will be in Rome on Saturday 25Th of May 2019.
You can expect a high event full of unforgettable entertainment made up of banging cutting edge music, stunning fetish acts and wild party.
The twelfth TG Italy will feature shows by Torture Garden’s and Ritual’s main performers and artists; music spun by main TG Dj’s as Dj David TG and Dj Charlotte TG as Dj Ritual from Ritual The Club.
Fetish Dress Code enforced for the night with themed visuals, projections and decoration as well as several other titillating experiences.

This is what TG Italy will provide, but the rest is up to you sexy people, you are the ones who will make this week end a party to remember!

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Torture Garden Italy